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Mexican Gray Wolf News



Feb. 3 - What do growing numbers mean for lobos' survival? - Defenders of Wildlife

Feb. 2 - Endangered Mexican gray wolf population grows for first time in four years - Defenders of Wildlife

Feb. 1 - Livestock growers, counties withdraw lawsuit to eradicate gray wolves from NM - Biological Diversity

Feb. 1 - Federal biologists count 50 Mexican wolves in wild - AZ Central


Jan. 31 - 5 congressional bills will strip ESA protections from wolves - Take action - Lobos

Jan. 29 - AZ Game and Fish asks Congress to de-list the Mexican wolf - White Mountain Independent

Jan. 26 - Mexican wolf dies, but her legacy lives - Colorado Springs Gazette

Jan. 23 - Wildlife officials counting wolves along AZ, NM border - Daily Courier

Jan. 23 - "Year of the Mexican Wolf" declared in Silver City - Silver City Sun News

Jan. 21 - Group set to rally for wolves in Silver City - Lobos

Jan. 20 - Follow the pack update - Lobos

Jan. 20 - World Premier of movie 'Green Fire' is coming to Albuquerque Feb 5th - Lobos

Jan. 18 - My walkabout with Michael - A western photographer, wolves and the Gila Wilderness - High Country News

Jan. 12 - Rare Mexican gray wolf to call Cheyenne Mountain Zoo home - Denver Post

Jan. 10 - $58,000 reward still offered as another wolf shot in Arizona - Ralph Maughan

Jan. 9 - Watershed year expected for Mexican gray wolves - Durango Herald

Jan. 9 - Wolf reintroduction has powerful enemies - Arizona Daily Sun

Jan. 6 - Mexican gray wolves and ranchers: coexisting - Double Circle Ranch

Jan. 1 - What does the 10(j) status mean for the Mexican gray wolf? - Lobos

Jan. 1 - Help protect wild lobos' homelands - Open houses Jan 15, 20, 29 - Lobos