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Mexican Gray Wolf News


December 2007

Feds seek public comment on stumbling Mexican wolf program Tucson Weekly

Rancher's wolf comments in 'Last Chance for lobo' article raises questions Silver City Sun News

Last chance for the lobo - A bloody battle over public land High Country News

November 2007

Student group says University should help Mexican wolf The Daily Lobo

October 2007

NM Governor declares 'Wolf Awareness Week' and claims wolves play critical role in ecosystem Arizona Daily Star

August 2007

Groups seek federal probe of confrontation over wolf killing AP

July 2007

Mexican gray wolf shot after cow deaths Silver City Sun-News

June 2007

The last pack of wild Mexican wolves removed from Gila Wilderness AP

Land in Crisis - Some ranchers really don't want wolves back Range Magazine

Genetic rescue and inbreeding depression in Mexican wolves - Biological Sciences

May 2007

Groups ask for suspension of wolf control policy AP

Big battle over release of pregnant Mexican wolf AP

April 2007

War of words continues over wolf reintroduction Daily Press

March 2007

In the Southwest, recovery of the lobo is going slower USA Today

New Mexico game board to hear wolf debate Silver City Sun News

Grant County Commission approves wolf-attack compensation Silver City Sun News

February 2007

Mexican wolf killed from helicopter Albuquerque Journal

Removal order issued for wolf in SW New Mexico Albuquerque Journal

Wolf pack causing problems for family Silver City Daily Press

December 2006

Mexican wolf relocated to White Mountains AZ Game and Fish Dept.

Mexican wolf program in court Albuquerque Journal

Group sues USFWS to expand the Mexican wolf reintroduction program Seattle Post Intelligencer

November 2006

Wolf killed in the Gila Wilderness Silver City Sun News

Wolf learned to prey on livestock by scavenging off cow carcass Albuquerque Journal

October 2006

Conservationists decry US-Mexico border wall Silver City Sun News

July 2006

Meridian Pack translocated and released in eastern AZ AZ Game and Fish Dept.

Nantac Pack alpha female shot and killed AP