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Mexican Gray Wolf News


December 2008

After ‘Poster Wolf’ for program died, feds asked to reconsider use – Salt Lake Tribune

Environmentalists want new Mexican wolf recovery plan – Tucson Citizen

Howls of protest greet Mexican wolf reintroduction in NM – Christian Science Monitor

November 2008

Anna, a Mexican wolf at the Eureka Research Center, is a star – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

New wolf pack roaming eastern Arizona – AZ Game and Fish Dept.

October 2008

AZ Game and Fish Commission provides new guidance for wolf conservation – AZ Game and Fish Dept.

September 2008

Keeping wolves out of trouble - an end to Mexican wolf baiting – High Country News

July 2008

Wildlife agency is 'collaborating' gray wolf to death – Albuquerque Journal

Reward offered to stop Mexican wolf killings in NM – Center for Biological Diversity

June 2008

AZ & NM residents support wolves, may loose respect for anti-wolf ranchers – The Arizona Republic

Fish and Wildlife needs to get with the pack – Albuquerque Journal

Large margin of NM voters support reintroduction of Mexican gray wolf – Albuquerque Journal

May 2008

State and federal officials considering changes to wolf removal policy – AP

Our Opinion: Opposition, illegal killings must not end wolf recovery – The Citizen Staff Writers

Wolf country: Ranchers fighting off a predator that's good for the land – The Arizona Republic

Second suit in 2 days targets wolf program – Albuquerque Journal

April 2008

A decade after Mexican wolf reintroduction, program still caught in tug-of-war – Albuquerque Journal

February 2008

Mexican wolf population tumbled to 52 in 2007 – Albuquerque Journal