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December     (Return to top of page)

Dec. 30 - Body of alpha female from ID's Basin Butte pack is retrieved - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 29 - Detailed summary of the Montana wolf hunt - MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Dec. 29 - Killers of 2 wolves sought in Minnesota - United Press International

Dec. 28 - Wolves resilient: Total number in region stable despite hunting - Idaho State Journal

Dec. 23 - Wolf death tally passes 500 - Wyoming Tribune

Dec. 22 - Up to 22 wolves could be killed by federal agents in MT - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 22 - Feds give ID permission to land helicopters in wilderness area for wolf tracking - USDA Forest Service

Dec. 22 - Forest Service issues decision memo on the helicopter landings - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 21 - Wolf hunt closes in another Idaho hunting zone - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 21 - ID biologists may soon dart wolves from helicopters in Frank Church Wilderness - Idaho Statesman

Dec. 18 - ID Fish and Game plans to dart and collar wolves in Frank Church Wilderness - Idaho Mountain Express

Dec. 17 - Facts revealed on the killing of the Basin Butte Pack - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 16 - Wyoming wolf numbers rise outside Yellowstone - Jackson Hole News and Guide

Dec. 16 - Take action: No helicopters in wilderness areas - Idaho Mountain Express

Dec. 16 - Yellowstone filled to the brim with wolves - Idaho Statesman

Dec. 15 - Wolves decline in Yellowstone - USA Today

Dec. 13 - Lessons from Aldo Leopold's historic wolf hunt - Los Angeles Times

Dec. 12 - Yellowstone Wolf Update - Thanksgiving 2009 - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 10 - The real story: 40% of Montana's wolves killed this year - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 9 - Official: MT Wolf hunt was effective - Billings Gazette

Dec. 8 - FWP plans to take out entire Mitchell Mountain wolf pack - Helena Independent Record

Dec. 8 - Cold case: Investigation into August death of six wolves near Fairfield, ID closed - Idaho Mountain Express

Dec. 4 - MT FWP to Molloy: Wolves are recovered, should be delisted - The Missoulian

Dec. 4 - Feds kill 7 wolves in the Basin Butte pack near Stanely, ID - Idaho Mountain Express

Dec. 4 - Government wolf updates: WY, ID, MT, WA, OR, UT, CO - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 3 - MT FWP files brief against relisting wolves - Billings Gazette

Dec. 3 - Report on ID Fish and Game meeting on Nov 18th - The good and the bad - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 3 - Shooting wolves in a barrel: About the shooting of the Basin Butte Pack - Ralph Maughan

Dec. 3 - Feds kill seven wolves near Stanley, ID - Idaho Mountain Express

Dec. 3 - Basin Butte pack killing raises same old wolf controversies - Idaho Statesman

Dec. 3 - Wolf work mounts: With 1st hunting season done, wolf hides in taxidermists' hands - The Missoulian

Dec. 2 - Wildlife Services: The most important wildlife agency you've never heard of - NRDC

Dec. 1 - New York Times on Idaho's extension of the wolf hunt - New York Times

November     (Return to top of page)

Nov. 30 - Coywolves a product of evolution - Burlington Free Press

Nov. 27 - Wildlife Services guns down Basin Butte wolf pack at Stanley, ID - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 27 - Aerial-gunning foes ask Obama to ban practice - Idaho State Journal

Nov. 25 - Exposure of "predator derby" goes viral, Nikon withdraws support but hunt still on - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 22 - Learning from Montana's first wolf hunt - The Missoulian

Nov. 19 - Wild cards: What we're really doing by reintroducing wolves - Missoula Independent

Nov. 19 - Video shows 10 wolves in Oregon's Imnaha pack - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 19 - Idaho extends wolf hunting season until March 31 - Idaho Statesman

Nov. 19 - Nikon sponsors Predator Derbies across Idaho - Deviant Art

Nov. 19 - Idaho Sportsmen's group to include wolves in 5th Annual Predator Derby - Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife

Nov. 17 - MT wolf season closes prior to quota being met - Helena Independent Record

Nov. 17 - Idaho wolf hunt meets quota in Dworshak-Elk City zone - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 17 - Poll: Montanans support wolf hunting, expanding wilderness, protecting grizzlies - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 16 - Wolf hunt shut down in Montana after quota filled - Salt Lake Tribune

Nov. 16 - Idaho auctions off commemorative wolf hunt tags - Idaho Fish and Game

Nov. 12 - Idaho to hold planning meeting for 2010 wolf hunt on Nov 18 - Idaho Fish and Game

Nov. 10 - Quota filled and Montana wolf hunt closed west of Glacier National Park - The Missoulian

Nov. 9 - Second Idaho wolf hunting zone meets quota, closes - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 6 - Four more wolves taken in MT, bringing total to 50 - Great Falls Tribune

Nov. 6 - Wolf management plan draws big crowd to Sequim, WA - Peninsula Daily News

Nov. 3 - Wolf supporters dominate Seattle, WA meeting - Ralph Maughan

Nov. 2 - First Idaho wolf zone closed as hunters reach limit - Seattle P.I.

Nov. 2 - Yellowstone's pack leaders hit by hunting - The Missoulian

Nov. 2 - Wolves keep forests nutrient-rich - Mongabay.com

Nov. 1 - Shooting of collared wolves impacts research - Billings Gazette

Nov. 1 - Poaching throws wrinkles in MT's first wolf-hunting season - The Missoulian

October     (Return to top of page)

Oct. 30 - Yellowstone Park wolves to decline for second year in a row - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 30 - Interior Appropriations bill includes funding to reimburse for wolf kills in MT - Great Falls Tribune

Oct. 30 - Trouble in nature's laboratory: Isle Royale's wolves are disappearing - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Oct. 28 -Wolves lose predatory edge in mid-life - United Press International

Oct. 27 - Wolf advocates submit brief in wolf delisting case - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 27 - Montana man poaches 2 wolves, fined $1135 - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 26 - Biologist's findings: wolves increase biodiversity and forest health - The Missoulian

Oct. 26 - MT closes wolf hunt in one district after quota was exceeded on first day of general hunt - MT Standard News

Oct. 26 - Ten wolves shot on opening day of Montana's general hunt - Great Falls Tribune

Oct. 26 - Ageing wolves 'lose their bite' - BBC

Oct. 25 - Montana wolf hunt is stalked by controversy - Los Angeles Times

Oct. 24 - State-wide MT wolf hunt opens tomorrow, hunters given chance to manage wolves - The Missoulian

Oct. 22 - Anti-wolf comments dominate at Yakima, WA wolf plan meeting - Yakima Herald-Republic

Oct. 22 - Montana will resume wolf hunt near YNP, opens state-wide wolf hunt on Sunday - The Missoulian

Oct. 22 - Rancher says  too many wolves in MT, so blocks public hunting on his land in protest - Montana Standard

Oct. 21 - Details provide insight into Montana's first wolf hunt - Billings Gazette

Oct. 21 - Pack origin of 5 wolves killed near YNP unclear - Billings Gazette

Oct. 21 - 69 wolves killed in Idaho, state prepares to close 3 hunting zones - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 14 - Conservation targets too low to stop extinction - RedOrbit

Oct. 14 - Idaho Public Broadcasting focuses on wolves and wolf hunt in Idaho - Idaho Public TV

Oct. 14 - NRA wants to join lawsuit on wolf delisting - Helena Independent Record

Oct. 15 - Wildlife Services kills 23 wolves on Blackfoot Reservation, 12 killed in MT hunt so far - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 13 - Suspension of wolf hunting in Southern Montana will be lifted Oct. 25 Helena Independent Record

Oct. 13 - Montana wolf-hunt quota could change after 9 shot near Yellowstone - The Missoulian

Oct. 11 - National Wolf Awareness Week begins - Defenders of Wildlife

Oct. 10 - Officials surprised, wildlife advocates irked by wolf hunt tally near Yellowstone - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Oct. 10 - Update from USFWS on wolf news across the Rockies - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 9 - State suspends wolf hunting near Yellowstone Park - The Missoulian

Oct. 9 - Aerial Gunning kills last 4 adult wolves of famous Sage Creek Pack - Center for Biological Diversity

Oct. 8 - Yellowstone's entire Cottonwood Pack killed in Montana wolf hunt - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 8 - Montana's backcountry wolf hunt criticized after surprisingly quick kills - Los Angeles Times

Oct. 7 - Radio collared Phantom Hill wolf killed in Idaho - Idaho Mountain Express

Oct. 6 - Montana's wolves surprisingly vulnerable during inaugural hunt - Los Angeles Times

Oct. 5 - MT wolf manager surprised by high wolf hunt harvest - including 2 radio collared wolves - Billings Gazette

Oct. 5 - WA State releases wolf plan and asks for public comment - National Parks Conservation Association

Oct. 5 - Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington - WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oct. 2 - Researcher: Yellowstone wolves distinct - Billings Gazette

Oct. 2 - Idaho again wants to land choppers in wilderness - Seattle Times

Oct. 2 - Top predator loss causes major disruption - United Press International

Oct. 1 - All of Idaho open to wolf hunting today - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 1 - Idaho man illegally shot at wolf pack from the sky - Ralph Maughan

Oct. 1 - Study: Loss of top predators causing surge in small predators, ecosystem collapse - Oregon State University

Oct. 1 - Group works to stop the ban of pet wolf-dogs in California

September     (Return to top of page)

Sept. 28 - B.C. cull led to hybrid "monster wolves," study shows - Vancouver Sun

Sept. 26 - Wolves add to awe of El Capitan hiking adventure - The Missoulian

Sept. 23 - Wylie Coywolf: the coyote-wolf hybrid has made its way to the Northeast - Scientific American

Sept. 26 - Hunter bags Montana's third wolf - The Missoulian

Sept. 18 - Idaho moves to collar wolves in Frank-Church Wilderness - Ralph Maughan

Sept. 16 - First Montana wolf hunt kill recorded - just north of Yellowstone - Helena Independent Record

Sept. 16 - Minnesota wolves back on Endangered Species List - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sept. 15 - Wolves in crosshairs as hunt starts - Great Falls Tribune

Sept. 15 - Wolf advocates won't appeal court decision allowing hunts in Idaho, Montana - The Missoulian

Sept. 15 - Hunters not obligated to eat wolf kills - The Missoulian

Sept. 14 - Montana wolf hunt begins tomorrow - Ralph Maughan

Sept. 10 - Judge OKs wolf hunt, questions delisting - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Sept. 10 - Wolf hunt will go on for now, court says - Idaho Statesman

Sept. 10 - Carter Niemeyer: How many wolves will be killed in the hunt? - Ralph Maughan

Sept. 10 - Wolves aren't making it easy for Idaho hunters - The New York Times

Sept. 9 - Judge rules wolf hunts in Rockies can proceed - The New York Times

Sept. 9 - Wolf hunt will continue while court hears lawsuit - wolf delisting likely illegal - Defenders of Wildlife

Sept. 9 - Idaho man cited for poaching a wolf outside designated hunting zone - Idaho Statesman

Sept. 7 - Wildlife Services kills 2 Oregon wolves for livestock depredation - Center for Biological Diversity

Sept. 4 - Are hunters stupid? The unintended consequences of wolf hunting - New West

Sept. 2 - As judge deliberates, Idaho wolf hunt begins - Idaho Mountain Express

Sept. 1 - Protesters decry Idaho wolf hunt - Bonner County Daily Bee

Sept. 1 - Two Idaho hunters kill wolves on opening day - Idaho Statesman

Sept. 1 - Idaho resumes hunting of gray wolves - NPR

Sept. 1 - Hunting Wolves, and Men - New York Times

Sept. 1 - What will be the side effects of wolf hunting? - Ralph Maughan

Sept. 1 - Kill order placed on Oregon wolf pack for killing livestock - Ashland Daily Tidings

August     (Return to top of page)

Aug. 31 - Wolf hunts on, pending decision by Missoula judge - The Missoulian

Aug. 31 - With no order from judge, Idaho wolf season is set to begin - The New York Times

Aug. 31 - Wolves are set to become fair game in the west - The New York Times

Aug. 29 - Idaho to wolf hunters: Don't shoot until Missoula judge gives signal AP

Aug. 29 - Connectucuit pro-wolf group threatens boycott of Idaho potatoes AP

Aug. 29 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports wolf hunting in MT and ID The Missoulian

Aug. 28 - Wolves kill 120 sheep in Montana The Missoulian

Aug. 28 - Idaho Fish and Game gets new wolf manager The Missoulian

Aug. 26 - MT Governor to Judge Molloy: Don't stop wolf hunting season The Missoulian

Aug. 25 - Idaho Fish and Game seeks information on 6 dead wolves - Idaho Fish and Game Department

Aug. 25 - Judge sets wolf hunt hearing - Casper Star Tribune

Aug. 24 - Missoula judge will hear last-minute attempt to stop MT, ID wolf hunts - The Missoulian

Aug. 24 - Idaho Fish and Game sells 4,000 wolf tags on first day - AP

Aug. 21 - Conservation groups challenge wolf hunting - Ralph Maughan

Aug. 20 - Wolf hunt season rules for Idaho - Idaho Fish and Game Department

Aug. 20 - Wolf hunt season rules for Montana - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department

Aug. 20 - Government to reconsider wolf's endangered status - The Missoulian

Aug. 19 - Idaho wolf hunt set to begin Sept. 1st - Idaho Mountain Express

Aug. 17 - Idaho approves plan to hunt 220 wolves, conservationists promise lawsuit - The Missoulian

Aug. 16 - Montana hunters await wolf season - The Missoulian

Aug. 15 - Idaho residents announce public demonstrations against Idaho wolf hunt - Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance

Aug. 15 - 10j rule on livestock carcasses savevs wolf pack from lethal control - Ralph Maughan

Aug. 14 - Phantom Hill wolves get reprieve from Idaho rancher - Magic Valley Times-News

Aug. 12 - Phantom Hill wolves kill 12 sheep and may be targeted - Idaho Mountain Express

Aug. 11 - Idaho gets no takers for its proposed wolf exports - AP

Aug. 6 - Montana FWP study finds multiple factors in wolf-elk relations - Ralph Maughan

Aug. 5 - Idaho prepared for fall wolf hunt, whether it's legal or not - Idaho Mountain Express

Aug. 3 - As wolves return to Washington State, a biologist gets up close with one pack - Pacific Northwest Inlander

Aug. 1 - Second Washington State wolf pack is radio collared - Seattle Times

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July     (Return to top of page)

July 29 - Senators introduce PAW Act, a national bill to bar aerial wolf hunting Huffington Post

July 28 - Yellowstone wolf scat offers clues into wolf-prey interactions - Billings Gazette

July 24 - Howlboxes successfully used to detect wild wolves - Idaho Statesman

July 21 - Biologists confirm first breeding wolf pack in Oregon Oregon Live

July 19 - Elk changing behavior, population dynamics when they live near wolves - United Press International

July 16 - Study of falling elk populations looks at food - Billings Gazette

July 15 - Pups confirmed with two resident packs in WA Methow Valley News

July 14 - Camera trap pictures of wolves in Pend Oreille county, WA NBC Affiliate

July 10 - Breeding wolf pack may be in Pend Oreille county, WA Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

July 8 - Montana sets quotas for first open gray wolf hunts Salon

July 8 - States ready for first open wolf hunts Seattle Post Intelligencer

June     (Return to top of page)

June 30 - Gray wolf returns to Endangered Species List in northern midwest Scientific American

June 29 - Gray wolves in the Great Lakes regain protections Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

June 15 - Conservation groups file suit over Great Lakes wolves' de-listing Rhinelander Daily News

June 2 - Lawsuits over wolf hunting filed in MT and WY - AP

June 2 - Environmental groups sue to protect wolves in Montana and Idaho - NRDC

June 2 - Wyoming sues feds to get their wolves delisted Desert News

Thompson, Manitoba declares itself the "Wolf Capital of Canada" - Defenders

May     (Return to top of page)

May 4 - Gray wolf withdrawn from US Endangered Species List - Google

May 4 - Wolves officially removed from Endangered List Yellowstone Insider

May 4 - Wolves once again in the crosshairs - Defenders

April     (Return to top of page)

Apr. 24 - Montana blizzard kills far more livestock in 2 days than Montana wolves in a year Ralph Maughan

Apr. 15 - Wolf that traveled 1,000 miles to CO found dead NBC Affiliate

Apr. 15 - Wolf may be culprit in east Oregon lamb killings Seattle Times

Apr. 4 - Inbreeding taking a toll on Michigan wolves MSNBC

Apr. 2 - Official filing for removal of ESA protection for N. Rocky Mountain gray wolves - USFWS

Return to the Wild - New wolf documentary released - Watch for free

Lords of Nature - New predator documentary released

March     (Return to top of page)

Mar. 28 - Feds looking at three Washington locals in wolf kill incident Methow Valley News

Mar. 28 - First wild wolf killed in Washington state Seattle Times

Mar. 26 Enviros accused of ramping up rhetoric ahead of delisting The Missoulian

Mar. 25 - Congress approved legislation to compensate for livestock losses to wolves Biological Diversity

Mar. 19 - Distemper devastates Yellowstone wolves Powell Tribune

Mar. 14 - Study shows wolves are Brucellosis-free Jackson Hole Daily

Mar. 6 - Salazar affirms decision to delist gray wolves - USFWS

Mar. 6 - Feds OK gray wolves' removal from Endangered List - FOX

Mar. 6 - Salazar OKs wolf removal from Endangered List Seattle Times

February     (Return to top of page)

Feb. 27 - Idaho seeks permission to kill wolves to protect elk Idaho Mt Express

Feb. 25 - 1,000 mile journey brings Yellowstone wolf to CO NBC Affiliate

Feb. 4 - Possible wolf sighting in central Oregon ABC Affiliate

January     (Return to top of page)

Jan. 26 - Can wolves restore an ecosystem? Wolves and the Olympic Peninsula Seattle Times

Jan. 21 - Feds rescind rule dropping wolves as endangered Seattle Times

Jan. 21 - Wolf delisting decision placed on hold by Obama administration Idaho Statesman

Jan. 20 - President Obama halts new or pending Bush regulations Including wolf delisting Washington Post

Jan. 15 - Gray wolves to lose endangered status Los Angeles Times

Jan. 14 - Government will strip protection for wolves, except in WY Chicago Tribune

Jan. 14 - USFWS news release on gray wolf removal from Endangered Species List - USFWS

Jan. 14 - USFWS press release - Gray wolf endangered species protection revision - USFWS

Jan. 14 - Bush administration to remove some wolves from Endangered Species List - MSNBC