Take Action for Wild Wolves


The most urgent and direct aspect of protecting wild wolves is taking political action and making your voice heard.Wolves are a sensitive political issue and one of the most powerful things we can do is to tell our political representatives that we support wild wolves.Write emails and letters, call their offices, sign petitions… do everything you can to let them know how you feel.To take immediate action and speak out about the removal of the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List, please visit www.savewolves.com.For more information on the gray wolf’s status and related issues that need your voice, please take a look at Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Center for Biological Diversity, and Wild Earth Guardians.


Wolf education is key. The more people learn about the realities of wolves, the more people want to help. It is vital that we dispel the myths that surround wolves. When someone hears the word "wolf" it either brings to mind the big-bad wolf, or they see a spiritual totem animal. The true wolf is neither… it must kill to survive, but it is also highly social and shares many qualities with humans. So, the more you can talk to people who don't know much about wolves, show them pictures, or help them meet a real wolf, the more the myths and fears will disappear.


Wild wolves and the communities around which they live need your personal support.Take your vacations in areas with wild wolves and let the community know that you are there because of the wolves. The more tourism the wolves bring into an area, the more local people learn to depend on wolves for their income. Try to rise above stereotypes and realize that ranchers, rangers, environmentalists and wolf lovers are not what the press makes them out to be… we are all people just trying to survive in the world. Wild wolves can be hard on a small rancher, so try to look at the wolves' presence from their point of view, and then try to help by contributing to Defenders of Wildlife's Wolf Compensation Trust. When a wild wolf starts going after livestock for food, take a moment to realize that the rangers and biologists hired to remove them are not the villains… they are doing what is necessary to protect the rest of the wolf population. In other words, we all need to work together to find compromises that allow wolves, livestock and humans to live together peacefully.