Wild Cats

While the rest of Gray Wolf Conservation is dedicated solely to wolves and their ecosystems, my interests in wildlife encompass a broad range of animals. In this section I focused on some of the other large predators of the world, namely wild cats. Cats come in all shapes and sizes.  At left and below is a menu that will guide you to informational pages about several different cat species and my photographs of them. Please check back often for updates, as this section is a work in progress.

Wild Cat Information Pages:

Bobcat - North America

Cougar - North America & South America

Jaguar - South America (North America)

Jaguarundi South America (North America)

Ocelot - South America (North America)

Margay - South America (North America)

Lion - Africa

Cheetah - Africa

Serval - Africa

Tiger - Asia

Snow Leopard - Asia