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Mexican Gray Wolf News


December 2005

Mexican wolf to remain on Endangered Species List Eastern Arizona Courier

Mexican wolf program may change: wolves have more room, but ranchers may be able to kill Albuquerque Journal

July 2005

Wolves aren't so big or bad Albuquerque Journal

Let science, not politics, help the wolf The Arizona Republic

June 2005

Mexican gray's presence in wild challenged Albuquerque Journal

Ranchers, environmentalists agree it's time for a change Albuquerque Journal

Experts: Wolf recovery program failing Albuquerque Journal

Ring Pack alpha male killed by Feds Albuquerque Journal

May 2005

Wildlife managers place one-year moratorium on Mexican wolf releases Land Letter

Experts tout Mexican wolf breeding breakthrough AP

April 2005

Pups born in captivity boost Mexican wolf population by 10% - AP

February 2005

Court overturns rule downlisting wolf's endangered status San Bernardino County Sun

Wolf's future hits another twist Casper Star Tribune

Judge dismisses challenge to Mexican wolf reintroduction AP

January 2005

Aspen Pack female re-released to wild AZ Game and Fish Dept.

Scientist is new head of Mexican gray wolf program Albuquerque Journal

November 2004

Reintroduced Mexican gray wolves recovering despite shootings Arizona Daily Star

Bullets remain top killer of wolves Silver City Sun News

July 2004

A new pack of wolves - the Aspen Pack - placed in AZ AZ Game and Fish Dept.

June 2003

Wolves slated for release in AZ AZ Game and Fish Dept.

November 1999

No people allowed: The Mexican gray wolf returns to the Southwest The New Yorker