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Continental U.S. Gray Wolf News

2002 - 2007

October 2007

Oct. 7 - Yellowstone wolves: Embattled again Time

September 2007

Sept. 30 - Wolf control plan criticized NRDC

July 2007

July 30 - Lone wolf caught on film in WA Fox

January 2007

Jan. 8 - Working group named to develop WA state wolf plan Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

August 2006

Aug. 1 - Captive Wilderness - Discover

April 2006

Apr. 7 - Yellowstone wolves bring in $35 million per year Billings Gazette

January 2005

Jan. 12 - Ecological change linked to wolves Seattle Times

Febebruary 2002

Feb. 19 - Lone wolf spotted in Washington State BBC