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Continental U.S. Gray Wolf News



Dec. 15 - Record number of gray wolves killed in Rockies Seattle Times


Nov. 8 - Digital howls used to find wolves in Northeast WA Spokesman Review

Nov. 7 - Biologists say wolves are spreading into Oregon without conflict The Oregonian


Oct. 25 - Government will try again to take gray wolves off protected list Washington Post

Oct. 25 - New debate on wolf's endangered label Washington Post

Oct. 24 - Statement on the reopening of wolf delisting in Northern Rocky Mountains - NRDC


Sept. 30 - Great Lakes gray wolf back on Endangered Species List - Newser

Sept. 30 - Bush must return protections to Great Lakes gray wolves Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sept. 23 - Feds ask to put gray wolves back on Endangered Species List Oregon Live

Sept. 17 - Feds drop efforts against Northern Rockies wolves, for now - NRDC

Sept. 16 - Feds retreat on Northern Rockies wolf hunting plan Seattle Post Intelligencer


July 26 - A stay of execution for the wolves NY Times

July 23 - Wolf pair confirmed in Okanogan county, WA Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

July 21 - N. Rockies wolves get federal protections restored National Geographic

July 19 - Judge returns gray wolves to Endangered List NY Times

July 17 - Road-killed canine NW of Spokane, WA verified as wolf Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

July 1 - Possible gray wolf seen on northern NM ranch Sign on San Diego


June 25 - Wolves in the Methow Valley?  Washington state wolves return Seattle Times


Apr. 28 - Twelve conservation groups challenge federal wolf delisting Defenders

Apr. 18 - The first man to legally shoot a wolf in ID tells his story - News Press & Gazette

Apr. 16 - No charges filed in wolf killing near Ashton, ID - News Press & Gazette

Apr. 2 - Beloved 'Wolf 253' killed in Wyoming NBC Affiliate

Apr. 2 - Limpy: The story of Wolf 253 Earthjustice


Mar. 19 - A bid to lure wolves with a digital call of the wild NY Times

Mar. 6 - We must howl to congress to keep the green fire glowing Seattle Times

Mar. 3 - New study shows pronghorn thrive in wolves' shadow The Missoulian


Feb. 21 - Northern Rockies gray wolf removed from Endangered Species List National Geographic

Feb. 21 - Gray wolf no longer endangered BBC

Feb. 21 - Wolves off the Endangered Species List Rocky Mountain News

Feb. 21 - USFWS statement on delisting of Rocky Mountain wolf Rocky Mountain News

Feb. 15 - Wolves at the door of a more dangerous world Science


Jan. 28 - Defenders of Wildlife challenges the 10j rule Defenders

Jan. 24 - The new 10j rule is out in final form Ralph Maughen